Z nami po celem svetu

Izkušnje naših uporabnikov nam pomenijo veliko. Po več kot desetih letih delovanja imamo veliko zgodb, katere vas bodo navdušile.

  • Traveling with a roof top tent is better than you can imagine. We are traveling with our 4x4 vehicle. The whole idea of combining a 4x4 car and a roof top tent is one of the best things in our lives. You can reach unimaginable places and sleep underneath the stars wherever you want. Roof top tent is like your own apartment with 5 stars on the roof of your car. Opening is easy, packing also. We have been traveling for more than 10 years now and our lives are full of adventure stories and unforgettable memories. Now we are owners of Autohome Overland and we are more than satisfied with the comfort, simplicity and quality of that roof top tent. We tried different models of Autohome Roof top tents – we changed them only because our family got bigger. This one is the 3rd one in our traveling history. Thank you for making our lives better.

    Avtor: Matias

  • We are a part of a big family of travelers and nature enthusiasts. We have been traveling for our whole lives. The best experience that we had was traveling with a roof top tent. Discovering the world and staying in touch with nature is amazing. We are using Ikamper Skycamp 2.0 now and we can compare it with our home bed. Our Kids love to sleep in a roof top tent. It is spacious enough for two adults and 2 kids. Opening and closing is easy. Hard shell on the roof top tent is super practical. IKamper rocks!

    Avtor: Sandokan